This response is why white life = black death in all realms of society. You can be sad all you want but to tell a black person you feel sad for them cause they can’t see past skin color to get at humanity is the problem. The expectation that black (and native) folks must always see the humanity in others why our humanity is glossed over or stomp on is PEAK whiteness. The condescending tone of “I feel sad for you” in the wake of a case where a white blonde woman was killed by a Somali American black cop and the media as not ONCE brought up that woman’s history, but instead is already vilifying the SOMALI cop shows how little you actually read and understood this SOB piece, and again gives more weight to SOB’s “Let Them Fucking Die” article. Keep your sadness and feelings as you try and passively pass off racism to a black person as they explain in great detail why this case is a shining example of how whiteness is upheld at all costs.

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A recovering academic looking to help others connect back to their Souls.

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