Make your own commitment to the life you want, but be prepared to let go of the hold that busyness has on that life.

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Sunrise in the country

Peace : freedom from disturbance

I like living in or near the countryside. The long dirt roads, vast open fields, wild grass blowing in the breeze, low hanging clouds that pepper the horizon — it is the landscape and its sounds that draw me in and remind me of what peace looks and feels like.

It is the quietness and natural rhythm of the country that allows me to really hear and trust myself.

Ironically, it was that quiet and stillness that unnerved me for a long time. I used to glorify freedom as the ability to travel around, roam, explore new ideas, places, and people. To be stationary and still meant to be trapped. …


Dr. Truesdell (Dr. Tea)

A recovering academic looking to help others connect back to their Souls.

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